Choosing the appropriate venue can help minimize your financial and emotional stress.

Questions to Ask Other Venues:

  1. What is included in the Venue Fee?
  2. How long have they been hosting wedding services?
  3. How much is the deposit and when is it due?
  4. What’s the cancellation policy?
  5. Does the venue have liability insurance?
  6. Can they adequately accommodate more than 200 guests?
  7. Do they offer setup, service, breakdown, and property cleanup? Is it included in the venue fee?
  8. When can we set up for our event?
  9. Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?
  10. Are tables and chairs included?
  11. Do you provide a coat check service? (Especially important for winter weddings.)
  12. Are there restrooms on site or do we need to provide them?
  13. Are all areas handicap accessible?
  14. Is there onsite parking? If so, is there an additional charge?
  15. Can we do a food tasting before finalizing our menu selection? If so, is there an additional charge?
  16. Do you charge a cake-cutting fee? If so, what is the added charge?
  17. Can we bring our own wine, beer, champagne, and spirits?
  18. Do you offer an on-site coordinator?
  19. Do you have a day-of concierge? Are they included or is there an extra cost?
  20. Do you have staff to service the event?
  21. What is your weather contingency plan?
  22. Is there a turnover fee in case of rain and/or turning the inside into a dance floor after reception?
  23. Can the space be heated or protected if need be?
  24. Are there nearby accommodations for overnight guests?

Tips to Consider:

  1. Take photos and videos of the locations you visit. This way you can record what you liked or didn’t like about them. Make sure you know which pictures are of which venue!
  2. Check everything out including restrooms, the foyer, dressing rooms, outdoor lighting, location in relation to accommodations, and electricity outlets.
  3. Get everything in writing. Your date is not officially reserved until you sign your contract and give a deposit. Once you have found the place you want make sure you ask what is required to get your booking locked in and then follow through on satisfying those requirements.