The Ultimate Wedding Processional Guide

Jun 12, 2019

Every religion and culture has different traditions when it comes to processional order. However, there is no right or wrong way to have your wedding processional. Whether you want a very traditional procession or you'd rather throw tradition to the wind, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable walking down the aisle on your big day. In order to eliminate any uncertainty about processional order, we explained the guidelines for a typical wedding processional.


  • Officiant
    • Takes place at the alter
  • Grandparents of Groom
    • The grandparents of the groom will enter + sit in the first row on the righthand side.
  • Grandparents of Bride
    • The grandparents of the bride will enter + sit in the first row on the lefthand side.
  • Parents of Groom
    • The parents of the groom enter together + sit in the first two seats in the first row on the righthand side, next to the groom’s grandparents
  • Mother of Bride
    • Escorted in by an usher, groomsman or family member + seated in the first seat in the first row on the lefthand side.
  • Groom
    • Typically walks down the aisle on his own + takes his place to the right of the officiant when looking at the ceremony site.
  • Wedding Party
    • Individually- Groomsman walk first starting with whoever will be standing farthest from the groom, then bridesmaids in the same order. End with Best Man and Maid of Honor
    • Uneven numbers- One groomsman escorts two bridesmaids, or bridesmaid escorted by two groomsmen etc.
  • Ring Bearer
    • Can stand with wedding party or be seated in the audience
  • Flower Girl
    • Can stand with wedding party or be seated in the audience
  • Bride + Her escort of choice (Traditionally the Father of the Bride)
    • Bride will be on escort's left arm


  • Bride + Groom
  • Flower Girl + Ring Bearer
  • Maid of Honor + Best Man
  • Bridesmaids + Groomsmen
  • Parents of Bride + Parents of Groom
  • Grandparents of Bride + Grandparents of Groom


  • The groom and best man take their places to the right of the altar, usually entering through a side door, and face the guests

This order can vary depending on the religious service of your ceremony; and of course, you can choose elements from different processional orders to create a customized order that works best for you!